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VAT Advisory - Audit & compliance

Since its inception in 2018 there are major changes induced in the VAT Laws in UAE. This is ongoing process and changes are expected in the future. For businesses this is a real challenge to adapt and implement changes within failing which could cause business impact especially for those who do not have in house team to deal with. In such cases partnering with a reliable firm like us would ease the burden. Our VAT consultant is well qualified and experienced to guide on all VAT related information providing regular updates and guidelines eliminating the fear of being non compliant with the regulatory authority.

As a Vat advisory firm in UAE, we can

  • Conduct regular VAT checkups to ensure there are no compliance related issues
  • Conducting seminar for your team with regards to the latest announcements and amendments within the VAT law
  • Review of internal control and procedures 
  • Complete VAT audit to ensure no liabilities and paid tax amount is correct till date.