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VAT services in Dubai - Registration & filing

Value Added Tax was introduced in 2018 at a rate of 5% on services and goods in UAE. The Federal The authority is responsible for setting up VAT regulations as well as manages and collects VAT and related fines.


UAE had announced in 2016 that VAT would be implemented from January 1, 2018. UAE highly relies on hydrocarbons which a major contributor towards this bustling economy. With ailing oil economy UAE had to look for other options to drive its economy and keep contributing towards high quality infrastructure and public services including health, security, education and other services on a continued pace and a part of its future vision.

What services do we offer?

VAT Registration Services

We offer VAT registration services for individual & companies based in mainland and freezone in UAE

VAT Filing & Return

Monthly or quarterly VAT filing and return services at economical rates depending on the business transactions and revenue

VAT Advisory & training

Get upto date VAT infomation along with VAT health & compliance checks on a regualar basis also in-house training programs